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Honest Solutions

Our roofing contractors provide honest solutions for Denver homeowners dealing with complex solar panel systems or conventional roofing projects as well as their complex insurance carriers.


All major and minor insurance carriers

Our roofing contractors can handle all major and minor insurance carriers in Denver at any point of the process you may be. We will identify damage to your conventional or solar roof system, attend an adjuster meeting, and walk you through all the detailed paperwork that your Denver insurance company requires of you.


Improving Communities

We specialize in accessing Denver solar systems or conventional roofs of any kind and in working with property owners to meet their specific needs. A big passion of ours is being a part of improving the communities we service by helping property owners escape the headache of dealing with conventional roofing companies.


Roofing Contractors for Denver Roofing Projects

Our roofers come across many old, outdated roofing systems in the Denver area but because of our experience and expertise on manufacturer recommendations, we are able to renovate these homes, bringing outdated items up to code. Our roofing contractors even handle older homes that are too difficult to get addressed any other Denver roofing company or that are too undercut by insurance carriers. We ensure your insurance process is as easy and your work is as thoroughly covered as possible, since the expense of any work that a solar company does not complete through your insurance would be passed on to you, the homeowner. If you’re interested in roof replacement or solar panel services in Denver and throughout Colorado at low out-of-pocket prices, Energy Advantage Roofing & Solar is the solar company you need.

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Hail & Storm Damage

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Denver’s Choice Roofing System Services Provider

Our solar company replaces roofing systems and provides solar panel expertise throughout the Denver area to homeowners and property managers who want or need to have installations completed with the utmost efficiency. In fact, Energy Advantage Roofing & Solar can bring you results for roofing systems and solar panels in as little as 7 days with our quality roofers. We are a serious, environmentally-conscious roofing contractor who focuses on creating minimal waste, utilizing responsible dumping practices, and employing energy-saving products. 

We require NO MONEY UP FRONT, no payment for materials dropped, no full payment before insurance pays you and charge NO FEES or site charges for our truly free evaluations. If you’re considering addressing your roofing or solar system and want it to be completed quickly, our roofers would like to make a fair offer for the replacement of your roofing system. Efficiency is a core value of our company, and we can even have an offer in your hands within two hours of visiting your Denver area property.

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Looking to participate in the clean energy revolution that is sweeping Colorado’s real estate market? Contact us to learn how our roofing and solar company can assist you with just that. Being one of Denver’s premier roofing and solar panel providers, our roofers encounter many homeowners in need of assessments for homes on the market in and around the Denver Metro area. If you recently bought a new property in Denver, our roofing company can offer the same free inspection of the roof and or solar systems to help you evaluate the potential costs for repairs, as well as the overall condition of the roof. Don’t trust just any roofing or solar company in Denver to work on the roof over your head; enlist the aid of the expert roofers at Energy Advantage Roofing & Solar to ensure your Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fountain roof is taken care of properly. We will always provide fair and honest pricing, which is why you would be wise to take advantage of our world-class roofing and solar services.

Energy Advantage Roofing & Solar is a roofing and solar company proudly servicing the residents in the Denver area. We offer a variety of solar panel systems and roofing system services.

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